What we do

An overview of what we do

We employ care staff with vast experience and we arrange for them to work in your services,

or visit you in your home providing quality care.

 You could get help with: eating and drinking. bathing and personal hygiene.

Our carers care

All carers are booked by the clients, and can be on emergency or pre-arranged in advance, visiting clients in their home helping with all kinds of things including:

  • getting out of bed in the morning
  • washing and dressing
  • brushing your hair
  • using the toilet
  • preparing meals and drinks
  • remembering to take your medicines (Trained/qualified staff will administrator medications)
  • doing your shopping and promoting social activities
  • collecting prescriptions or your pension
  • getting out, e.g. to a lunch club/day centre
  • getting settled in the evening and ready for bed
  • managing day-to-day tasks that you may need a helping hand with such as: PERSONAL CARE
  • cleaning (including putting on clean bed sheets)
  • doing the washing up
  • doing the laundry AND gardening.

Get in touch with MSD services and you will be covered.

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