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Supplying staff since 2016

MSD Group is a national Employment Business and Recruitment agency which has been successfully supplying the social and healthcare industry, warehouse, labourers, cleaning industry with both temporary and permanent staff since 2016. The company has an office in Middlesbrough, North East England. Due to its intentions on expansion, there are locations where it is acquiring prestigious contracts but it does not have a physical presence. These are the areas that the company wish to engage with partners as per a mutually beneficial working-together-agreement.

Supplying the social and healthcare industry with, warehouse staff, labourers, cleaning staff for both temporary and permanent staff

Dedicated to serving the needs of the social and healthcare industry, the MSD Group commitment extends to providing a comprehensive range of workforce solutions. Our core focus is on delivering highly skilled and efficient professionals to support the critical operations of this vital sector. We offer an extensive array of personnel, including warehouse staff, labourers, and cleaning staff, available for both temporary and permanent positions.

In the fast-paced world of social and healthcare services, having the right team in place is essential. Whether you require additional hands during a surge in demand or you are seeking long-term staffing solutions, we have you covered. Our dedicated warehouse staff ensures that essential supplies are managed efficiently, keeping your facility stocked with the necessary medical equipment and resources to provide top-quality care.

Furthermore, our cleaning staff are trained to maintain the highest hygiene standards, ensuring that your healthcare facility remains a safe and sanitised environment for patients, staff, and visitors. In an industry where cleanliness and infection control are paramount, our cleaning professionals are a cornerstone of your defence against health risks.

We understand that the social and healthcare industry operates around the clock, and our flexible staffing solutions cater to your dynamic needs. Whether you require temporary staff to address short-term demands or are in search of talented individuals for permanent positions, we are committed to delivering the right personnel to fulfil your requirements.


Our recruitment process is rigorous, ensuring that all candidates are well-qualified, motivated, and aligned with the mission of your healthcare organisation.I

Our mission is to empower the social and healthcare industry with a workforce that is both dependable and highly skilled. We recognise the vital role your organisation plays in society, and we stand ready to provide the support you need to continue delivering essential services to those in need.

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